phpCollab: Multiple vulnerabilities — GLSA 200812-20

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in phpCollab allowing for remote injection of shell commands, PHP code and SQL statements.

Affected packages

www-apps/phpcollab on all architectures
Affected versions <= 2.5_rc3
Unaffected versions


phpCollab is a web-enabled groupware and project management software written in PHP. It uses SQL-based database backends.


Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in phpCollab:

  • rgod reported that data sent to general/sendpassword.php via the loginForm parameter is not properly sanitized before being used in an SQL statement (CVE-2006-1495).
  • Christian Hoffmann of Gentoo Security discovered multiple vulnerabilities where input is insufficiently sanitized before being used in an SQL statement, for instance in general/login.php via the loginForm parameter. (CVE-2008-4303).
  • Christian Hoffmann also found out that the variable $SSL_CLIENT_CERT in general/login.php is not properly sanitized before being used in a shell command. (CVE-2008-4304).
  • User-supplied data to installation/setup.php is not checked before being written to include/settings.php which is executed later. This issue was reported by Christian Hoffmann as well (CVE-2008-4305).


These vulnerabilities enable remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL statements and PHP code. NOTE: Some of the SQL injection vulnerabilities require the php.ini option "magic_quotes_gpc" to be disabled. Furthermore, an attacker might be able to execute arbitrary shell commands if "register_globals" is enabled, "magic_quotes_gpc" is disabled, the PHP OpenSSL extension is not installed or loaded and the file "installation/setup.php" has not been deleted after installation.


There is no known workaround at this time.


phpCollab has been removed from the Portage tree. We recommend that users unmerge phpCollab:

 # emerge --unmerge "www-apps/phpcollab"


Release date
December 21, 2008

Latest revision
December 21, 2008: 01



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